Chaska launches virtual restaurant concept: Nakhraa Indian Kitchen

22 Oct 2020

Chaska launches virtual restaurant concept: Nakhraa Indian Kitchen

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. (OCTOBER 22, 2020) – Unlike Chaska that offers popular Indian street food, Nakhraa ( is geared to serve authentic Indian curry dishes which Canadians love and crave. CEO, Naveen Seth, has a passion and love for cooking and food, which inspired the creation of this one-of-a-kind concept, that also complements Chaska menu.

As Seth explains, “These are unprecedented times, where the restaurant industry is going through rough patches. In order to survive and excel in this landscape, innovation and out-of-the-box thinking is required. By launching Nakhraa through our existing Chaska locations, we are able to drive additional sales without increasing costs. This enables us to stay ahead of the game by having a new virtual restaurant concept that works perfectly with Chaska and ultimately increases profitability.”

The inspiration of Nakhraa’s food comes from the extravagant dishes found at big, fat Indian weddings. While growing up in India, Seth attended several family and friend weddings, where he always enjoyed the rich and flavourful curry dishes. The aromatic, flavorful rich sauces made with freshest ingredients, blended with cashew paste, real cream, herbs and spices, slow cooked to perfection are the highly crave-worthy taste that Seth wanted to emulate through the food at Nakhraa.

“By having our own commissary that already supplies ready-to-cook or ready-to-serve dishes to all Chaska locations, it was easy for us to launch the Nakhraa virtual kitchen concept through the existing stores. During COVID, two Chaska locations are currently operating and they both now offer Nakhraa dishes. Chaska already carried majority of the ingredients which were needed to develop Nakhraa’s menu. We only had to add an few items to our existing pantry to create the entire Nakhraa menu. At the same time, we wanted to ensure that the existing Chaska staff are easily able to create these dishes, with the same authentic taste, without having to hire a chef. Nakhraa is available through third-party delivery apps or by calling the restaurant for pick up”, explained Seth.

Only two weeks ago, Chaska announced that it is ready to franchise new and existing locations along with area development opportunities, and has since received tremendous response. Having the ability to license a second concept (Nakhraa) with Chaska is a great opportunity for franchisees, especially during these difficult times. Although the restaurant industry is suffering during COVID, certain QSR categories are doing very well through third-party delivery apps and pick up. We are proud to say that Chaska is within one of those categories

Chaska’s average ticket per person runs at $16, whereas Nakhraa’s average ticket will be over $35. Since franchisees will be able to offer Nakhraa’s menu with the existing Chaska infrastructure (without extra rent or labour cost), Nakhraa will be able increase revenues of Chaska restaurants by 40-50% over the next four to five months. Hence additional profits for franchisees. With the authentic, flavourful curry dishes at Nakhraa, we are confident that we’ll have a strong fan following, just as we have for Chaska.

About Chaska: 

CHASKA, which means “obsession”, offers a different take on Indian food that is both delicious and fresh, prepared daily using savoury spices, with flavourful herbs and marinades in place of rich and heavy sauces. At Chaska, we know that a great meal starts with the best ingredients. The passion that we put into our recipes starts with a commitment to simple and fresh ingredients.

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