CHASKA Opens New Hamilton Ontario Location

13 Sep 2023

CHASKA Opens New Hamilton Ontario Location

Redefining the Indian Street Food Experience with Innovative Cashier-Less Service

CHASKA, the iconic name synonymous with authentic Indian street food, is captivating the taste buds of Hamilton residents as it proudly celebrated its 8th and newest location’s grand opening in Hamilton Ontario, Canada. This expansion comes with a trailblazing twist, as CHASKA introduces an unprecedented cashier-less service that empowers customers to personalize their orders while upholding the exceptional quality of CHASKA’s renowned recipes.

Nestled in the heart of Westdale South at 4 Newton Avenue, CHASKA is on a mission to revolutionize the dining experience by offering a cost-effective yet personalized approach to ordering. “At CHASKA, we’re committed to preserving the rich heritage of Indian street food while embracing technological advancements to better serve our patrons,” explained Naveen Seth, Founder and CEO of CHASKA.

The innovative cashier-less service is designed to empower customers to create their ideal culinary experience. By using CHASKA’s user-friendly web app, scanning a QR code on-site, or by utilizing the conveniently placed dedicated kiosk at the location, guests can effortlessly customize their orders to meet their unique preferences. This pioneering approach maintains the highest standards of CHASKA’s beloved recipes while allowing diners to tailor their selections, all while keeping auxiliary costs to a minimum.

“We believe that exceptional food experiences should be accessible to everyone,” emphasized Seth. “Our cashier-less service not only streamlines the ordering process but also ensures that each customer can enjoy our authentic Indian street food just the way they like it, all with ease.”

To mark the commencement of this exciting milestone, CHASKA hosted an incredibly successful grand opening event on September 9th, inviting Hamilton residents from far and wide to embark on a flavor-filled adventure. Guests lined up down the block, clamouring for the opportunity to be one of the first 300 customers, who were treated to complimentary Samosa Sliders – a CHASKA original creation featuring hand-crafted samosas and boasting a delectable fusion of flavors that exemplify the essence of CHASKA’s contemporary takes on India’s traditional classics. Adding to the festivities, a “spin the wheel” activity provided exhilarating prizes, including the coveted “Mirchi” hot sauce bottles, classic Chaska Chai cups, and even gift cards with values reaching up to $50.

CHASKA’s commitment to innovation, affordability, and exceptional taste sets the stage for a new era in Indian street food exploration. The official launch of its new Hamilton location is a testament to CHASKA’s dedication to delighting taste buds while embracing modernity.

For further information about CHASKA and its ground-breaking offerings, reach out to or visit @ChaskaObsession on Instagram.