In Response to Rising Costs Everywhere, CHASKA Indian Street Food Champions Affordability with a 14-15% Price Reduction on Delivery Platforms

21 Mar 2024

In Response to Rising Costs Everywhere, CHASKA Indian Street Food Champions Affordability with a 14-15% Price Reduction on Delivery Platforms

CHASKA Indian Street Food proudly announces an initiative that marks a significant milestone in our ongoing effort to enhance customer value: a price reduction of approximately 14-15% across our delivery menu on popular platforms such as Uber Eats, Skip The Dishes, and DoorDash, effective immediately. This decision highlights CHASKA’s unwavering commitment to making our celebrated Indian street food more accessible and affordable, ensuring that the joy of savouring our authentic dishes is within easier reach of our valued patrons.

Understanding the importance of affordability in these times, CHASKA has proactively sought ways to extend greater value to our customers. While navigating the complexities of third-party delivery commissions, our primary focus has always been on customer satisfaction. These fees, often reaching up to 30%, have historically necessitated higher menu prices for delivery orders, impacting customer accessibility to quality meals. In an effort to counteract these industry-wide challenges and put our patrons first, CHASKA has decided to absorb a portion of these costs, ensuring that our customers can enjoy their favourite dishes at more reasonable prices. This substantial price reduction is a direct reflection of our dedication to serving our community, allowing more people to enjoy our delicious, quality meals without worrying about the cost.

Naveen Seth, Founder and CEO of CHASKA Indian Street Food, shares his vision: “At CHASKA, our passion is to share the rich, vibrant flavours of Indian street cuisine with everyone. Recognizing the impact of delivery costs on our customers, we decided to take a bold step in reducing our prices by 14-15% on delivery platforms. This move is all about bringing our customers closer to the foods they love, ensuring that every order from CHASKA is not just a meal, but a memorable and accessible dining experience even if it is the comfort of their own home.”

This initiative is more than a pricing strategy; it’s a statement of our values and a testament to our belief in quality, community, and the power of good food to bring people together. By making our menu more affordable for delivery, we’re not just responding to our customers’ needs—we’re inviting them to join us in a celebration of taste, culture, and the communal joy of Indian street food.

We invite our customers to explore our updated delivery menu and take advantage of the reduced prices to rediscover the authentic flavours of CHASKA. This is our way of saying thank you to our community for their continuous support and feedback, which inspires us to keep improving and innovating.

For more information about our menu, our values, and how we’re working to make Indian street food a staple in every home, visit or follow us on Instagram @CHASKAobsession. Together, let’s continue to share in the delights of Indian cuisine, made more accessible and enjoyable for all.