CHASKA: The Official Sole Indian Food Vendor at Global T20 Cricket Tournament Food Village

20 Jul 2023

CHASKA: The Official Sole Indian Food Vendor at Global T20 Cricket Tournament Food Village

CHASKA, the renowned Indian street food restaurant, is delighted to announce its exclusive partnership as the official sole Indian food vendor at the highly anticipated GT 20 Cricket Tournament’s Food Village. This exciting collaboration will provide CHASKA with a unique platform to captivate the diverse audience attending the tournament, showcasing the rich and flavourful cuisine of India.

The GT 20 Cricket Tournament, set to take place from July 20th, 2023 to August 6th, 2023, is a prestigious event in the cricket world, attracting cricket enthusiasts, sports lovers, and food enthusiasts alike. With an expected turnout of 120,000 attendees, the tournament will be held at the renowned CAA Centre Brampton Cricket Ground, located in Brampton Ontario, Canada.

As the official sole Indian food vendor, CHASKA will bring an authentic Indian culinary experience to the Food Village. Attendees can indulge in an array of mouthwatering Indian street food delights such as the exciting Chip Chaat, savoury Bombay Hot Chicken Sliders, the flavourful Amritsari Fish & Chips, delectable Faloodas, and of course, the classic Kathi Rolls. The skilled chefs at CHASKA have curated a menu that perfectly captures the essence of Indian street food, ensuring a memorable gastronomic journey for every visitor.

“We are thrilled to be the exclusive Indian food vendor at the GT 20 Cricket Tournament’s Food Village,” said Naveen Seth, founder and CEO of CHASKA. “This opportunity allows us to showcase the vibrant flavours and diverse culinary heritage of India to a wide audience. We look forward to creating an exceptional dining experience that complements the exhilarating cricket matches and adds an extra element of excitement to the event.”

The partnership between CHASKA and GT 20 Cricket Tournament not only celebrates the culinary excellence of Indian street food but also promotes cultural diversity and inclusivity. CHASKA’s presence at the Food Village will provide attendees with a unique opportunity to savour authentic Indian flavours while enjoying world-class cricket matches.

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CHASKA is a renowned Indian street food restaurant that offers an authentic and flavourful culinary experience. With a wide range of mouthwatering dishes inspired by the streets of India, CHASKA delights food enthusiasts with its innovative menu items, bold flavours, quality ingredients, and impeccable service. CHASKA is committed to providing an unforgettable dining experience that transports guests to the bustling streets of India.